Instant web and display publishing straight from Facebook Workplace or Slack

Post company news and announcements in your Facebook Workplace group or Slack channel and instantly publish it to your info screens, websites and other channels with Tagplay.

Save time

  • Automatic information distribution
  • Improved workflow
  • Employee-contributed content


  • Facebook Workplace/Slack as a CMS
  • Use the tools you already know
  • Simple, fast and efficient

One source

  • Tagplay publishes content from Workplace or Slack
  • Everything up-to-date
  • No information loss


Simplify your content input and create content using Facebook Workplace, Slack or a content creation tool of your choice.


Use Workplace/Slack as your Content Management System (CMS). Mention @tagplay bot and post content in your company’s Facebook Workplace groups or Slack channels with a #hashtag. See how to integrate here.


Curate important content so it won’t be missed. Admins can pre-approve, filter or remove content using Tagplay. Posts are deleted in Tagplay if you remove them within Workplace/Slack or comment #remove on them.


Tagplay directs the content to your different info screens, websites and other channels.

Info screens

Maintain a lively and informed company culture with Facebook Workplace, Slack & Tagplay. Broadcast news, announcements and fun stuff directly to info screens or screen-savers. Keep everyone up-to-date via screens at the office, events, in-store or the lobby. Perfect for curating the most important information and displaying information screens to employees not working with computer and mobile.

Websites & Apps

Handling company communication is a breeze with Tagplay & Facebook Workplace, Slack or social media. Post news, announcements, videos, images, documents & more in Tagplay driven feeds on your website or app via Facebook Workplace or Slack.

Company website / Intranet / Communication site / Blog / Online magazine & more

What are Facebook Workplace and Slack?

Facebook Workplace and Slack are collaborative platforms for workplaces where they can connect their whole organization with familiar tools, helping everyone in their business turn ideas into action. You must have paid account to use Workplace and Slack's Tagplay bot. See how to integrate here.

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