Allow your communication officer, marketing department or even company chef to contribute content to info screens and websites via Facebook Workplace or Slack and Tagplay. It can be videos, event announcements, photos of product launches and employees, the lunch menu, or just kudos to employees for a job well done!

Information screens

Post your content using Workplace, Slack, social media or a content creation tool of your choice. Tagplay automatically publishes your media to different feeds on your office screens or to a screensaver on employees’ computers.

Tagplay provides a powerful platform for employees to interact with venue displays at company events via Facebook Workplace groups and events and Slack channels.

Read more about how it works here.

Websites & Apps

Use employees’ posts on Facebook Workplace or Slack together with official social media content to update the company’s front page, intranet, apps and other related sites.

Read more about how it works here.


Content management system

Post once in Facebook Workplace or Slack to update all of your websites and info screens at once. Curate your content with Tagplay. Filter content from Workplace groups/multi-groups or Slack channels using hashtags or greenlight users.

Media in all formats

Tagplay supports formatted text, video, photos, multiple photos/videos posts, gif, event posts, documents & more.

Workplace, Slack & social media

Tagplay integrates with Facebook Workplace Premium (Groups & Multi-Groups), Slack (Channels & Direct Messages), Facebook (Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events), Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and email.

Easy integration

Simply copy & paste a code for the feed(s) you made in Tagplay onto a website you host or connect to Tagplay’s API to make customized website feeds.

Hosted displays

Tagplay will host your display for you. The only thing you'll have to do is open a link and click “full screen” on a modern browser on a computer or Smart TV.


Your Workplace and Slack content is securely stored on Tagplay’s servers. All the event displays are "private", which will make it accessible only for users with a specific link.

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